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It is good to target your communication to a specific audience you can relate to. 
Here are some important questions to ask about your target audience:

1. Which income bracket does your audience belong to?

All / Upper / Upper middle / Middle / Low


Choose a challenge you relate to, or that closely impacts the communities or stakeholders you work with:

  1. Maintain Hand Hygiene.
  2. Observe social distancing strictly.
  3. Wear masks in public and avoid touching your face.
  4. Stop spread of misinformationOnly refer to trusted sources of information.
  5. Be kind and empathetic to every person regardless of COVID status.


Understand the topic thoroughly and refer to all the information provided. Do your independent research and articulate your study from the list of reliable organisations provided.


A. Brainstorm, Ideate and Create

messages best suited for your target audience for their context and reality.

B. Be mindful of using inclusive language* and visuals

Your creative has the power to make people inculcate positive behaviours, but it could also inadvertently promote stigma and bias if you are not careful.

C. Produce your concept in the medium you are most comfortable with

Which best aligns with your idea and your Target Group. It could be a digital poster, motion graphics, memes, animation, video, poetry or art, among others.

D. You could also take your existing work, repurpose it, and submit it.

*Please ensure your message is inclusive to all in your community and outside it.


A. Test your creative solution

with select people from your Target Group. Get feedback to improve it and finalise after making changes.

B. Make sure you meet our assessment criteria

Make sure you cover the following points before submitting your creative for certification:

  1. Are the Key Behaviours, Good to have information, or Additional Information provided in our brief clearly implied, shown, or written?
  2. Make sure you have verified all your information from Government of India resources and have not misspelled or misstated anything.
  3. Is your Target Group clearly addressed? Does your entry clearly communicate the behaviours and information to your target group?
  4. Are the texts, images, videos, etc. genuine, and/or attributed to the original maker/artist?

C. Upload your creative

to the Creative Collective of India central repository after completing the self-verification form. Your submission will be reviewed by competent communication and health experts within 2-5 business days, based on the above criteria.

D. Results of your Certification process:

  1. If your entry is certified: Congratulations! You are ready to circulate and share your work!
  2. If your entry in not certified: You will receive feedback and areas of concern from reviewers. Incorporate the changes and re-submit. Your submissions will be re-evaluated.


On certification, apply the CCI logo** on your creative material along with an embedded certification code and go ahead and publish in all possible channels to spread the message to your target audience and beyond.

  • How we can help you:
    1. All successful creatives will be showcased on the CCI platform.
    2. Excellent creatives will be showcased in partner media platforms and publications.
  • Other tips to help you circulate your creative:
    1. Approach your local Panchayat, MLA, Government Authority to sponsor and push your creatives.
    2. Approach your clients to sponsor through their CSR budgets. 


Once the creative is certified, go ahead and use the CCI logo on the creative before you publish.


  1. Minimum Size: 60px for digital creatives
  2. Positioning: Place the logo on any corner of the creative depending on the content (top left / top right / bottom left / bottom right)


  1. Colour: Do not change the color of the logo. It should be used in either the black (#000000), white (#ffffff) or the red (#b03b36) version.
  2. Background: Don’t place the logo on a visual that hampers its readability. Place the logo on a flat/ neutral background.
  3. Circulation: Do not use the logo on any other material for distribution. It is to be used solely on the certified creative.