COVID-19 Backdrop

COVID-19 is a novel disease for which scientists are racing to develop medicines and vaccines. In the meantime, governments across the world imposed a lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. The scale of this lockdown was an unprecedented experience for the majority of Indians.

After this lockdown, the country is slowly opening up and most people will be eager to step out of their homes and resume ‘normal’ activities. Unused to the new safety requirements, they may let their guard down in public places.

The virus has NOT been cleared from our midst. This means there will be thousands of asymptomatic people out there in public spaces. This threatens to lead to a second wave of infections across the country - a disaster one should avoid at all cost. 

Key Challenge

Lifting of the lockdown gives a false sense of security and normalcy. We need to adapt to a safe normal where we wear face masksmaintain hand hygiene, practice physical distancing, stop the spread of misinformation and be kind & empathetic to everyone. 

Guiding Statements

  • How do we bring a strong reminder that the world is very far from being ‘normal’?
  • How can we reinforce the need for caution that needs to be maintained even after the lockdown is lifted?
  • How can we send messages to diverse target groups that consciously break the patterns of previous behaviour and instil a new way of life? 

Creative Brief

This is a shout out from the Creative Collective of India for creating effective and authentic communication material for long term behaviour change. Your proposal should consider the following:

A. Relatability: Include situations and contexts through examples that your audience can imagine and relate to in their everyday lives.

B. Motivation through emotion: Try to include elements in your message that prompt an emotional response (such as fear of getting infected, love for family, etc.) from your audience. For instance, if you are telling stories, focus on human aspects such as relationships and behaviours such as kindness.

C. No limitations on medium of message: There is no limitation as to what form the message takes as long as the message meets our review criteria. The form could be a poster, movie, play, data visualisation, game, comedy sketch, etc.

Key Insights

Together we win – or together we lose
We’re all in it together and equally vulnerable. If Sophie Trudeau, Boris Johnson & Prince Charles could test positive – anyone can.  

For the Nation, By the Nation
India can handle a pandemic responsibly and proactively - this belief ushers in national pride. 

Switching behavioural pattern
Our minds are conditioned to seek familiar behaviour patterns - we need to consciously adapt to the new norms.

Making an emotional appeal
Emotions, and not just knowledge, empower human actions. Making an emotional appeal will help communities to make the leap.  

Points to keep in mind

Entries to CCI for FIGHT COVID 19 should ideally include three or more of these aspects in the communications for consideration:

Unifying: be inclusive and bring people together.
Empathetic: we understand what you are going through.
Reassuring: you can make this switch.
Patriotic: proud of belonging to India.
Rational: show logic and reasoning for responsibility.
Emotional: we touch people’s hearts.